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Our Ministries

SimpleDevotions.org is devoted to encouraging Christians to grow Biblically. The site is comprised of easy to understand devotions, a learning center to explain complex doctrinal issues, inspiring poetry, and a clear Apologetics Library to explain the truth about cults. The site also serves as a faucet for our other ministries including radio, tv, and in-print publications.

One of newer ministries (being launched later this year), Deafinite Grace is a collection of videos and Bible studies developed for people who are in the Deaf Culture. Through use of American Sign Language by native speakers, Deafinite Grace will provide important resources for personal spiritual growth, as well as tools for group/ church use... Helping people living in a rich ASL environment share the Gospel to those who do not know Christ. (As a side note, it is estimated that only 2% of deaf/ HoH individuals have accepted Christ)

ChristianVibes Talk Radio
Launched in October of 2008, ChristianVibes Talk Radio has provided a solid, Biblical radio show nearly every Friday. The show covers topics such as the reliability of the Bible, the Trinity, Salvation, living like Christians, and rebuking cults and false doctrines. The show is expected to air on other networks, and become more frequent as the year progresses.

By His Word Talk Radio
Launched Mid-February, By His Word (tentatively titled) is a short (30 minute) question/answer/Bible Study radio talk show designed for new Christians. The show airs every Tuesday on BlogTalkRadio.

Truth TV
Currently in the works, Truth TV is a series of informative shorts answering tough questions today's teens have. Each segment is roughly 5 minutes and combined cover everything from how to dress, to dating, to sharing the Gospel. The series will start being shown on SimpleDevotions.org and IntroRadio.com within the next 2 months. The show will also have a teaser broadcasted to over one million listeners via radio stations on the internet, in the US, Canada, and the UK.

By His Word - A Weekly Sermon
Currently in the works, By His Word is anticipated to launch Mid-Summer 2009. This show is comprised of a one-hour sermon which will be aired over the internet and on partnering television stations to bring the Good News to all through passionate, Biblical, and easy to understand preaching.

Simple Devotion Productions
Another new ministry, Simple Devotion Productions is currently in the process of filming its first mini-series, "Science and the Bible." The first three episodes of this series are expected to be released early December 2009. Simple Devotion Productions is also proud to have released Evolution, a Weak End; a documentary response to the secular sponsored Evolution Weekend 2009.

ChristianVibes.net is a free hosting service designed to help Pastors, Missionaries, and the everyday non-technical Christian share the Gospel throughout the world. Providing all of the tools to design, promote, and host their website, ChristianVibes.net provides an all-in-one solution without banner advertising, and without any financial burden to the "webmaster." This ministry is primarily supported by banner advertisements on the front page.

Currently on hold due to time and financial restraints, MaketheRightDecision.org is a pro-life campaign to help potential parents understand that they are not doing anything for their child by killing it, along with presenting abortion alternatives and counseling through Real Alternatives (a program funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania).

Another site being launched early 2009, WorhshipTechnology.net was designed to provide a community for those involved in sound, video, and web productions to come together. Co-sponsored by NorthernLightFX, visitors can quickly find answers and troubleshooting to technical problems through their peers and the NLFX Technology Experts.

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