Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

Where did God Go???

So often we look at life and wonder where God has gone; we look at all the things going wrong, and ask ourselves how a merciful loving God could let them happen.

In fact, one prominent atheist bases most of his arguments on that question alone. He challenges God by asking, "If God is so caring, why does He allow pain and suffering?"

But perhaps it isn't God who we should be questioning, but rather ourselves. The Bible says that God allows us to make our own choices... some choices which glorify Him and bless us, and others that cause pain and suffering (1 John 1:6).

A friend of mine once phrased it this way, he said that it's when we walk away from the light that things start to get dark. It wasn't the light that changed, or dimmed, but rather our decision to place a greater distance between it and ourselves.

Today, how can you become closer to the light? Instead of focusing on all the terrible things that have happened, how can you bring good into the world, and show others the light of God? A God who has not forsaken us, or forgotten His promises, but instead patiently waits for us to return to Him under our own free will, so that He may bless us and restore us (Luke 15:21-23).