Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

What Can I Do

Today I turned on the news to hear story after story about how people are dying tragically; to hear about robberies, to hear about starvation and genocide. It seems everywhere you look the world is full of pain and suffering... even in one of the richest nations people lie on the streets homeless and hungry.

I remember reading an online chat, where people were discussing these very same issues. They talked about the genocide in Darfur, global warming, and the poverty around the world. As I read this emotion filled conversation, there was one comment that really stuck out. In response to all of the commotion and the call for action, this person asked on of today's most popular questions, "What can I do? I am only one person."

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever had an assignment, or a task that seemed so daunting you weren't sure you could handle it? Have you ever seen something horrible on the news or on TV, and asked yourself what you could do by yourself?

The answer to that question, of course, is nothing! In this world of 6 billion people, you cannot do anything by yourself! In this world of 6 billion people, your efforts would probably look like a fly on the wall- and have the same impact!

When the crowd had come to see Jesus, this crowd of 5,000 people, Jesus first asked His disciples where to buy bread. Philip replied, saying that it would be impossible to feed everyone for 200 denarii (the equivalent of 200 days of work). Then Jesus told His disciples to collect food from the people in the crowd, and Andrew returned only with a boy's lunch... 5 small loaves of bread, and two small fish. And as Andrew brought the meal to Jesus, he asked Him, "What are they for so many..." what good can this one meal do for this crowd of 5,000 (John 6:5-9).

With this small lunch, the lunch prepared for a boy, Jesus fed the entire crowd. He didn't give them bread crumbs, but instead passed baskets of food around; so much that after this huge crowd had eaten, there were left-overs. Jesus blessed the bread, and made it more than it originally was. He blessed the bread, and made something small and insignificant have a great impact on the masses.

Here we are in a world full of torment, pain, and suffering. We stand here alone, as if a small boys lunch among a great crowd. And we ask ourselves, what can we do... because we know by ourselves we could not do anything- just as a small boys lunch by itself would not have fed the crowd.

But just like the bread, Jesus blesses our lives, and makes us more than we originally were. He changes us from a small boy's lunch to a great buffet, so that His glory and majesty might be seen through us.

Today look around at the world we live in, and instead of asking "What can I do," ask yourself "What Can't I do with Jesus."