Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

The Greatest Treasure

It is widely believed that some beautiful things are only as valuable as what they are made of.

Gold plated items seem to shine even brighter than the 'real McCoy', even if only for a time... and ironically, solid gold will also fade, unless it is maintained and polished.

How many times do we find that the things of the world are somehow more alluring?

The difference is: the real thing, the solid gold - is forever, and with some elbow grease, it will shine everlastingly.

Our God is solid. He outlasts gold plating and even precious metals. He radiates even more beauty and gives even more joy than any earthly thing. But achieving that shine means we must do our part.

Today as we reflect, let us consider ways that we can polish our greatest treasure of all: An amazing, loving God.