Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

Sowing in Tears

Sometimes we sit here, either caught up, or unconcerned with life. We establish routines and build expectations. We construct dreams, decide on aspirations...and then, life changes.

Suddenly this concrete world isn't so solid anymore, this constant, fluid existence dries up, and we are left discombobulated.

Earlier this year, a young couple lost their seven year old son tragically. In the aftermath of an accident, the child took his last breath in his father's arms, as his mother looked on- and passers by refused to stop to help.

At the funeral, it seemed the mother had not stopped crying since the tragedy. She wailed with her heart and soul, cries so deep they cut like a knife.

It's sad that the heart is permanently scarred by hurt and pain, yet joy and exhilaration's pencil marks fade ever so rapidly. We are able to cry for hours, weeks or even years...about the same thing...but laughter is that fleeting memory that comes back to us only in quiet moments.

That same couple committed their lives to Christ, in the very same church where just two months prior, they had held a funeral service for their only son.

In those moments when you have just gotten some bad news, and you begin to wonder "How could God have let this happen," cry just a little more. Because right now, in this moment, you are where your Lord wants you to be, in His care. And from all those tears sown, you shall reap with joyful shouting, because God can turn anything, no matter how bad, into good (Romans 8:28).