Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

Oh, What a World

Take a look around you today. How many people do you see that are living a Christian life? Not how many people are living a "good" life (Mark 10:17-18), but how many people are living a Christian life... Look around and ask yourself, how many people will stand up for the rights of Christians. How many people will defend the Christian faith?

Many of our country's leaders claim to be Christians, and yet these very same leaders remove God's Word from courthouses and other public areas. Many of today's leaders claim to be Christians, and yet they fight to allow more language and violence on TV. Many of our leaders claim to serve God, but instead try to serve our desires.

Even our religious leaders have "adapted new standards." Many churches today have deviated from the Word of God, or even ignored parts in order to draw a bigger crowd, or to make church more appeasing to their members. Some churches have even dropped their standards on premarital issues and cursing, simply to make their member's feel more comfortable.

As for prophecies, so many Christians today are quick to chase the "prophecies of our time." They are quick to search the Bible for "hidden codes" after watching the Da Vinci Code, just as many were quick to pronounce the end of the world in the year 2000. Even today, people are predicting the end of the world, the coming of Christ, the reign of the beast. These people predict not only the year, but the month, day, and sometimes even the hour... even though Jesus said that the time would be unknown, and unexpected. Even though Jesus said He would come like a thief in the night (Matthew 24:42-44). And even though we are warned against these false prophecies (Matthew 24:11), many Christians cling on to them and assume them to be true.

The saddest part of Jeremiah 5:31, is where it says, "and my people love it this way." We as God's people enjoy the leniency the world provides us. We enjoy the freedoms to fulfill our desires, and we enjoy being told we CAN do things. We enjoy the mystery, and thirst for the same knowledge that God has. Just like Eve took the fruit to gain His wisdom, we pounce after false prophecies and false promises. We put our desires before God's.

Today, look around and see how many people are living the Christian life. Look around and see how many people are willing to defend the Word of God, to defend Christianity. Ask yourself, are you one of them?