Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

Jumping to Conclusions

Have you ever jumped to a conclusion, and became angry before knowing all the facts? Maybe you blamed someone for something they didn't do, or snapped at a friend who was actually defending you. We are constantly told to be careful of our pride, but sometimes our pride gets the best of us, and we react to something we feel "attacks" or "threatens" us, without taking an extra second to be sure.

And perhaps you have had the reverse happen, and had someone snap at you, or become angry at you. In fact, many people become angry at Christians, because they do not understand them, and because they do not want to hear the truth. Many people put their pride before the Truth, and believe that they are good enough by themselves to get into Heaven. Sometimes even hinting that they are a sinful being sets them off, and they quickly judge us without knowing our intentions. They feel as though we are attacking them personally, when in reality it is their pride we are hurting.

Even born-again, saved Christians have pride issues. We love to be praised for the good works we do, but take great offense if anyone tries to help us improve. When someone makes a suggestion, we are quickly provoked and instead of listening, start taking the defensive. And sure, we may smile, look at them, and thank them for their advice; but deep down inside we are hurt, and angry because they found something wrong with us. We become provoked by their love for us.

The danger of this pride, the danger of becoming provoked, and the danger of becoming angry, is the impact it has on our lives and our testimony. When we react without knowing all the facts, we are often wrong and unfair in our judgments. We often hurt people, or attack people who do not deserve it. When we get angry at someone for giving us advice, we ignore their advice and continue making the same mistakes. We let our foolish pride take control of our lives, instead of utilizing wisdom.

The next time you become angry at someone, ask yourself "Why?" Is it because they are judging you, and attacking you personally, or is it because they are trying to help, and your pride is getting in the way?