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Forgiving Your "Dr. Mengele"

I think in almost everyone's life, there is at least one person you absolutely do not want to forgive. One person who has said something, or done something to you or someone very close.

Some of these people have done unspeakable things, especially towards the people they "love." Whether it's verbal abuse, physical abuse, or worse; they leave scars that will never be forgotten. Perhaps there is no greater example of one of these people, than Dr. Mengele.

Dr. Mengele was a "doctor" at Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp. It was there that he took a special interest in identical twins, sparing them from the death chambers only to experiment on one while using the other as a "control." Most of his experiments included poisoning one twin; and when the twin died, he would kill the other to see the anatomical differences. In the end, Dr. Mengele went through identical twins faster than lab rats, leaving a countless number dead, and many permanently scarred.

Eva Mozes Kor was one of those rare victims who survived Dr. Mengele's experiments, only to watch her twin sister, Miriam Mozes, die a painful and slow death as doctors were unable to figure out what Mengele did to her. After her sister's death, Eva vowed to track down the doctors involved, and find Dr. Mengele's secret notes.

It was through her search, and after meeting with one doctor who tried to treat her and her sister nicely at Auschwitz, that she came to a startling realization. It was then she realized that despite Nazi rule being over for years, she was still under their control... under their burden, and still suffering.

It was then she made the decision to live free of what they had done to her... while she would be physically scarred with their numbers, she would not let them run her life any longer... she made the decision to forgive Dr. Mengele, and the Nazis involved in her torture and her sister's death. A decision that she later said freed her and allows her to live life as she wants... with peace.

Today, who is the "Dr. Mengele" in your life? Who is that one person who is still inflicting pain and suffering, despite being world's apart? And who is the one person that needs your forgiveness the most (Matthew 5:44), so that you may be free of this burden, and that your life may be filled with God's peace? (Isaiah 26:3)