Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

Follow Me


Throughout the Bible God, asks His children to follow Him... He asked Abraham to follow Him, and blessed him greatly for his obedience. He asked Moses to follow Him, and used him to lead His people out of Egypt and into the promised land. He came to fishermen, tax collectors, and other common men, and told them to Follow Him. They were blessed as His disciples, and sharers of the Gospel. And today, he turns to us and says, "Follow Me."


Yet for some reason, many of us are not quite ready to. We just don't want to give up the life we have, or the things we know are wrong. We just aren't ready to commit; to truly and fully commit to serving Him and doing His will instead of ours.


Many of us are like those in the crowds who tagged along for awhile, then went back home... and then when it was convenient for them, they followed Him again. Many of us say we want to follow Him, just as the rich man did. However, as soon as he realized he would have to give away everything he owned, to give up his old, "prosperous" life, he no longer wanted to follow Christ (Matthew 19:20-24).


Christ tells his disciples how hard it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. How hard is it, for someone who loves his life and his wealth more than God (John 12:25). How hard is it, for the person who isn't willing to leave their old life behind, and follow Him.


"Follow Me," He says. "Follow Me." Imagine if the disciples hadn't followed Christ... Imagine if they hadn't done their part. Imagine if they weren't willing to commit to following God.


Are you following God? Is God #1 in your life? Did you leave your old ways to serve Him, and to bring Glory to His Name? Or just like the rich man's wealth, is there something holding you back... something that is stopping you from committing 100%?