Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

"Clawing" God

"Stop Biting Me!" I turned and glared at Jasmine, my newly adopted kitten. "You're not suppose to bite the hand that feeds you," I muttered as she looked at me with a stunned, yet innocent stare. Unfortunately I wasn't in a really loving mood at the time, not after she had just drawn blood with her razor sharp claws.

As I walked away to wash the wound, I kept thinking how lucky she was. A friend of mine brought Jasmine to my door two days ago, asking if I could keep her. After being found, apparently alone and abandoned, I was her last hope before the shelter.

But it didn't seem to matter what I did for her, she always wanted more. I would pour her fresh milk, only to have her beg me for my orange juice (which she does not like by-the-way). I bought her name-brand, top of the line cat food, only to have her beg for tuna. I would play with her for a couple hours, only to have her claw at me when I tried to rest, eager to play more.

"You've got to be kidding me," I thought to myself as I washed the cut. "I just saved your life. Without me you had nowhere to go." But then another thought raced through my mind; "I wonder if God is thinking the same about me?"

After all, if He had not sent His Son to die for us, we too would be lost without hope- without a chance for life. And not only has God saved us from eternal death, but He continues to nourish us, and bless us in more ways than we can imagine... only to have us take these blessings for granted, and begging for more.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was the one "clawing" God. Not through razor sharp claws, but through my sins- my very thoughts and actions. As focused as I was on what Jasmine had done, I realized that I needed to focus even more on what I AM doing.

As Christians it is easy to find the flaws in others, but today look at yourself and ask, "Am I biting the hand that feeds me? Am I living the way God wants me to?" And ask yourself, "How can I improve and be a better Christian?"

Today, when I look at Jasmine, I see something else. I see loyalty, a cat who wants to be with me, a cat who loves me, and a cat that wants to show me her love... something that I need to show more to God.