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Christian or Christ-In?

Did you know that there are over 2 billion Christians in the world according to Adherents? Wow! 2 billion people who are doing what Jesus taught them... 2 billion people who love their neighbors as they love themselves... 2 billion people who are spreading the Gospel!

But it doesn't really seem that way does it? Because that's not the case. There is a difference between using the title "Christian "(many use the title falsely), and living like one. After all, being a Christian is pretty easy; you just accept Christ as your personal savior and viola! Christ enters your heart, you are forgiven of your sins, and become a born-again child of God. Pretty simple.

Living like a Christian, however, takes hard work and dedication. It means training yourself, and looking at your flaws... finding the areas of your life that need improvement, and improving on them. What many people do not realize, is that while Christ enters your heart; he can only have as much room there as you let him!

Think of it this way, before you accept Jesus Christ your heart is being owned by sin. Sin is enjoying the place, making it home. Sin's hooked up a large screen TV and invites all its friends over. Sin can pretty much do whatever it wants, rent-free, without any consequences (because You pay for its consequences). So here it is in this nice, air-conditioned, fancied up heart of yours doing as it pleases, and now you tell Sin it has to leave, Jesus is moving in.

What would your reaction be if that was you? I know for myself I would not want to leave this comfortable home I have known all my life! And I would probably stick around and try to convince the owner to change his/her mind. That is what sin does! It sticks around, and tries to convince you to give it back part of your heart, little by little. Sin says, "just do this... its not that big of a deal, no one will even notice." But every little action you make has consequences, and every time you make a decision you are deciding who to give your heart to... who to let direct your life.

So today, are you going to be a typical statistic of today's Christians... or someone who has Christ-In them?