Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

Be Peculiar?

Peculiar is, well a peculiar way for God to want us to be... The word itself means to be unusual, eccentric, and odd. But being peculiar also has another meaning; belonging distinctively, exclusively to one person- being special and unique.

Yet, today many Christians are trying to do the exact opposite. Instead of trying to be "odd," they are struggling to fit in with a world that is quickly moving away from God's commandments. Instead of wanting to stand out, many of us are trying to blend in and go unnoticed. Honestly, I believe it is when we try to blend in, that we actually start losing who we are, and who our creator is.

Like a strawberry, each of us is unique, filled with seeds and hope. Each of us has been created for a specific reason (Jeremiah 1:5), and in a special way (Psalm 139:14). But as soon as we blend a strawberry with other types of food, the uniqueness of the strawberry becomes lost, and it's flavor unidentifiable in the midst of everything else. Perhaps even more importantly, the seeds of the strawberry become fruitless, being devoured in the mix instead of springing forth new plants.

Christ used another example when talking about loss of flavor in ones life. He compared our lives to that of salt, a substance that provides life. As Christians we are the source of life for those who do not know Christ. (Matthew 5:13-16) As Christians, we are the example of Christ here on earth today. But if we allow ourselves to become blended in such a way that we are unable to share the Gospel or proclaim the good news; if we sacrifice our values to fit in and lose our saltiness, what good are we?

God calls us to be a peculiar people, a people who others can identify as His. A people that the unsaved will look at with wonder, asking themselves what makes us so different, so unique, and so special.

Today, what will you do with the saltiness God has given you? What will you do with your seeds of life, the knowledge of the Gospel? Will you let others know that you are peculiar, or will you give up what makes you special to blend in seamlessly?