Simple Devotions
For the Complex Life

A Time for Change

Today marks a new chapter in American leadership. A new President, new ideas, and new challenges. Over the past 8 years, many things have changed throughout the world. The internet has risen in popularity, phones have become tiny personal computers, and iPods have dominated the music market. It seems that change is the theme everywhere, even in the White House.

However, not all changes are good, such as on September 11th, when New York City's skyline changed. Or just recently, when the price of gas changed, rising to over $4/gallon in some areas. Or even today's TV, which cannot be easily watched without catching a suggestion of sex or violence, not to mention hearing foul and crude language. Of course, watching God slowly fade from American politics and schools, is another change we can do without.

Today, as Obama says, is time for a change. Time for a change, which we can only make ourselves. Time for a change, where we must accept responsibility, and become active, rather than sitting back and letting others make the decisions for us. But it's also a time, to be careful of change.

Today, is a time to look back on our past leaders, and look at how they incorporated God's Word into policy, and the effects of doing so. Today is a time to look at our future leaders, and encourage them to act righteously. Today, is a time to ask our leaders to change somethings to be different, but to change somethings so that they may be the same as before.

For while we live in a new world, with new technology, new leaders, and new challenges... we still serve an eternal God, one who in His infinite wisdom does not change. A God who knows what will lead to our success as a nation, and what will lead to our demise. A Lord who has given us the "blueprint to success," but has been forced to endure watching us stray from it.

Today is a time for change. It is a time for us to become accountable. A time for us to stand up for our God, and for what is right. Today, if you have not already, will you make that change?