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Living like Christians


Oops! There's Pride!     3 Comments
Without warning, pride quickly creeps up on us... starting as something small, making us feel better about ourselves, but then better than others... even forgetting that without God we are nothing.

Where is Your Treasure?     3 Comments
Today the world measures success by how much money you make, where you live, and the liberal freedoms your money has bought you, yet Christ told His disciples of a different measurement of success, one that was not bound only to this world...

A Time for Change     1 Comments
Today marks the inauguration of the the 44th President, who will be serving in a new world, with new challenges... new changes. As Christians, we must be sure to stay active in praying for, and encouraging our leader's to make righteous decisions. To make changes to serve God, and not changes to stray from Him...

Everything You Need     2 Comments
With the current economic situation, times are tough. It is times like these that make us wonder what we are going to do, and where we will find the things we need. In this devotion, Rod Smith tells of how when times were tough, someone a little bit more powerful took care of Rod's needs, just as He will yours...

Love is Patient     4 Comments
It is so very easy to become frustrated and angry with those we "love," but what does having a true Biblical love mean during frustrating times?

Because God Loves the World     1 Comments
As Christians we take comfort in knowing the love that God has for us, but we often avoid sharing that love with people who do not know Him...

Buy One, Get Two Free!     1 Comments
Every Christmas there are tons of deals with catch phrases like "Buy One Get One Free," but God has given us the best deal, salvation through His Son Jesus Christ... a deal that not even the largest of franchises can even compete with...

It's All About Me!     5 Comments
In a world that is crying, "It's all about me," it is hard for Christians not to get sucked into this way of thinking...

Swing and a Miss    
Everyday you see athletes boasting about what they can do, and how their opponents can't stop them... and yet you often find them on the front page of the paper the very next day being made a fool of... mostly by their own words. But conceit isn't limited to athletics, but is something that everyone must face every single day...

Trusting God     13 Comments
Sometimes it isn't easy for us to trust God, and these are usually the times where we need to trust Him the most...

Cheating on God?     10 Comments
Every time we sin, we are in essence cheating on God. Instead of loving Him with all of our heart, mind, and soul; we end up pleasing the Devil by rejecting God's commandments and falling into sin... and so often we make excuses for ourselves, and do not realize how damaging sin is to our relationship with Him.

Satan Runs Faster     4 Comments
We all have areas of failure, whether it is noticeable by others or not. We all fall short of the glory of God, and fall to temptations. And it seems that Satan is right there, continuously telling us that we "cannot defeat him."

Love the Lord Your God     2 Comments
Today we have invented many different meanings of the word love, associating it with food, with crushes, and even sports teams... but real love is so much more, and so much harder... yet God tells us the greatest commandment is to love Him with all of our heart, all of our soul, and all of our mind...

"Clawing" God    
As Christians it is extremely easy to find the flaws in others, but so many times we forget to examine ourselves...

Be Peculiar?     5 Comments
God calls for us to be "peculiar," a word that means to be odd, unique, eccentric... but in the same way light becomes peculiar in the dark...

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