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Does God Hate the World?

According to Pastor Phelps of Westboro Baptist, God not only hates sin, but hates the world as a whole.

Before we look at this, it is very important to realize that the word “World” is used very differently throughout the Bible. Many times it refers to the planet and group of people, however other times it refers to the ideas and beliefs (ie: Separate yourself from the world”).

While God does hate the sin of the world, and the world’s rejection of Him, He makes it very clear that He does not hate the people of the world. the most notable verse, of course is John 3:16

The simple fact is, God hates sin, and the world is full of sin. However, He wants all of us to come to know Him, and to be made blameless through the acceptance of Jesus Christ. If God truly hated the world, why does the Bible mention numerous times his love for us? Just take a look at Proverbs 8:30-31, Mark 16:15-16, John 3:16, John 6:33, John 17:23, and 1 Timothy 1:14-16. Do these sound like messages of hate towards the world (meaning the people in it)?

Phelps even goes farther to say that "God hates you." Yet in the Bible it clearly says that God is a fair judge, and opposes those who oppose Him, yet comforts those who confide in Him. Our God is not a God of Hate, but instead a God of LOVE (1 John 4:7).

In fact, Deuteronomy (one of the most frequently referenced books by the WBC) says in chapter 23, verse 5:

And this verse is just one of many examples of God expressing his love for us; you can find God’s love for you as an individual in the following verses as well: 2 Chronicles 2:11, Psalm 37:28, Proverbs 15:9 and 127:2, John 14:21 and 16:27, Hebrews 12:6, and Revelations 1:6.

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