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Summum Belief Comparison

Our Belief Summum Belief
The Bible is the Word of God The Bible is not the solomn Word of God, and must be interpreted differently than as is in mainstream Christianity.
There is one God There was one united god who split into many pluralities including an inferior being who often resemebled the God of the Bible, and a female emanation who was involved in cosmic creation in a more positive role than the being who resembles the God of the Bible.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are 3 in one The original Godhead is now a plurality, and must be restored.
Man was created in the Image of God The Godhead may be better described as a mind, without any physical being, and as such man could not be created in its physical image.
Salvation is received by faith in Jesus Christ (life, death, and resurrection) and not by our works Salvation is not through faith, or good works, but rather by knowledge through revelatory experiences. This knowledge then modifies the sensate being.
All who believe in Christ become Children of God There are many ways to truth and salvation.
As Christians we are to abide by the standards set in the Holy Bible Each person is to set the standards based on the seven principles of Summum, the principles and ideas of Gnosticism, and their own personal beliefs and convictions as revealed to them.
No man can contradict/ edit the Word of God The Bible contradicts most of the principles of Summum and Gnosticism, and therefore cannot be followed or accepted as a whole.
Notes: Summum is a unique off-shoot of Christianity as it incorporates the primary beliefs of Gnosticism, along with Egyptian beliefs including mummification. Because of their unique beliefs, and recent claims of constitutional right infringements, Summum has been featured on many television networks including CNN and CBS.

They believe that Moses was originally given the Seven Summon Principles, but then destroyed them as the people were not ready for these more complex commandments. God then gave Moses the 10 commandments as a simpler form of rules to advance the culture to a place where they could accept the Seven Summon Principles. While the Bible is referenced for this claim, there is no mention in the Bible OR any reason to believe that Moses was given anything other than the 10 commandments.

Summon also practices "Pet mummification," with the belief that both the mummified human and pet will be joined eternally in the afterlife. The cost to mummify your pet ranges from $4,000 to over $100,000 depending on their weight, and whether you want a mummification or a "mummiform."

Status: this article is undisputed.

Last updated: October 7, 2008
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