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Spiritual Satanism Belief Comparison

Our Belief Spiritual Satanist Belief
The Bible is the Word of God The Bible is a pagan book of propaganda.
There is one God Inconsistant on the existance of the Judeo-Christian God.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are 3 in one Inconsistant on the existance of God, and against the blasphemous Holy Spirit and "worthless, vile" son of God.
Man was created in the Image of God Created by Satan who is the supreme being and only "god."
Salvation is received by faith in Jesus Christ (life, death, and resurrection) and not by our works We do not need anyone or anything to save us as we can save ourselves through knowledge.
All who believe in Christ become Children of God The Judeo-Christian Bible is a pagan myth designed to discredit Satan, belief in God's son is blasphemous to Satan. In order to be one of Satan's followers, you must renounce God (the Father), the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
As Christians we are to abide by the standards set in the Holy Bible We are to abide by the Books of Satan, their commands, and their magic.
No man can contradict/ edit the Word of God Satan accepts us as we are, and as we choose to live. He appreciates our individualism, and encourages us to fulfill our lives and desires.
Notes: There are many different sects of Satanism, this comparison is strictly dealing with a specific type of Spiritual Satanism. Spiritual Satanism does not require animal sacrifices, but does ask for a commitment to Satan signed in one's own blood. A pact with Satan is intended to be permanent and binding, although the leaders claim a believer may choose to leave Satan or come back to him anytime he chooses. While the focus of Spiritual Satanism is primarily self-fulfillment, individualism, and "good" magic, there is also use of "black" magic that is used primarily for self-defense. Spiritual Satanism like Wicca is currently growing in practice, especially by teenagers.

Status: this article is undisputed.

Last updated: May 28, 2008
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