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Church of Satan Belief Comparison

Our Belief Church of Satan Belief
The Bible is the Word of God We believe that the Satanic Bible is the guide by which we live by.
There is one God There is no single deity that rules over all, instead each person is his/her own god.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are 3 in one We do not believe in God, the Father, or the Son.
Man was created in the Image of God Humans are material by nature, and not spiritual.
Salvation is received by faith in Jesus Christ (life, death, and resurrection) and not by our works Salvation is freeing one's self from moral restraints, and indulging in one's desires with responsibility.
All who believe in Christ become Children of God Christ is a symbol of weakness and the failure of Christianity.
As Christians we are to abide by the standards set in the Holy Bible We are to abide by our personal morals/beliefs and the magick rituals laid out in the Book of Satan.
No man can contradict/ edit the Word of God The beliefs of the Christian religion and prayer are hypocritical, unrealistic, and controlling. The Bible only prevents us from fulfilling our own desires, and is man's invention- not God's.
Notes: There are many different sects of Satanism, this comparison is strictly dealing with the Church of Satan, with is athiestic in its beliefs and does not acknowledge a physical being called Satan, nor a physical God. To learn about Spiritual Satanism, click here.

Status: this article is undisputed.

Last updated: September 13, 2008
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