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The Apologetics Library is not intended to offend or promote hatred towards any group, instead it is designed to show what different groups believe, and why we disagree with those beliefs. Following the commandments of Paul, found in 2 Timothy 4:2, we believe that it is vital for Christians to not only share the Gospel, but also to refute false doctrines, rebuke those who teach such doctrines, and correct with Biblical soundness.

As such, you will find that all of our resources that refute these doctrines include the correlating Bible verses (with the exception of the "Belief Comparison" links which utilize our Statement of Faith). We also hold ourselves to portraying other groups accurately, and if you find an error or false statement, please let us know by clicking on the Report link found in the right menu.

Please understand that all statements made have only been done so after careful research, and if disputed we will look more in depth at the disputed statement and provide the necessary resources to back it up, or correct it.     [Collapse Text]

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Physical Resurrection*
Saved by Faith Alone
World Religion Atheism
World Religion Baha'i
World Religion Buddhism
Christian Off-Shoot Christadelphianism
Christian Off-Shoot Christian Science & the Church of Christ, Scientist
Christian Off-Shoot Church of Satan
Christian Off-Shoot Church of Yahweh
Christian Off-Shoot Church of the Great God (cgg.org) / The Berean (theberean.org)
World Religion Druidism
Christian Off-Shoot Gnosticism/ Theosophism
World Religion Hinduism
World Religion International Ministry Growing in Grace
World Religion Islam
World Religion Jainism
Christian Off-Shoot Jehovah's Witnesses
World Religion Judaism
Christian Off-Shoot Liberated Christians (Pheonix, AR)
Christian Off-Shoot Mormonism (both the FLDS and LDS)
Christian Off-Shoot New Age: Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey
Christian Off-Shoot Roman Catholicism
World Religion Sai Baba
World Religion Scientology
(not Christian Science)
Christian Off-Shoot Shepherd's Chapel
World Religion Shinto
World Religion Sikhism
Christian Off-Shoot Spiritual Satanism
Christian Off-Shoot Summum
Christian Off-Shoot The Way International
Christian Off-Shoot Unification Church
World Religion Unitarian Universalism
Christian Off-Shoot Westboro Baptist
World Religion Vodou/ Voodoo
World Religion Wicca
Christian Off-Shoot Yahweh's Restoration Ministry
LEGEND:   Christian Off-Shoot Christian Off-Shoot     World Religion World Religion

* Refers to the physical, bodily life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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