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Trust Him


Imagine waking up one morning, and being expected to do something out of the ordinary... something that went against your logical thinking... something that just seemed bizarre.

That is exactly what happened to Joseph. Here was a respectable man, a man who was righteous, and had a good grip on reality. A man who just found out his wife was pregnant, and it wasn't his child.

Can you imagine? How would you feel if you found out your wife was pregnant, and you knew for a fact it wasn't your child... wouldn't it crush you? Wouldn't it turn your world upside down? Imagine how Joseph felt when he heard this news...

Of course, Joseph, being the respectable and just man that he was, knew that the logical thing was to divorce Mary... In fact, he was even planning it out, so that he could divorce her without causing her public humiliation... (Matthew 1:19)

This doesn't really sound like the story-book start for a king, let alone for the savior of man. But it does sound similar to the things we face in our lives, doesn't it? We plan everything out, and we have such a firm grasp on our lives, and then all of a sudden something BIG happens.

Maybe we were planning on that big promotion, only to find out that we were fired instead. Or maybe struggling with finances, unsure of how you are going to make it... and then you find out your wife is pregnant! Illnesses, Accidents, and other unexpected events quickly turn our world upside down, and leave us lost... looking for a logical way out... Just like Joseph.

And even though Joseph seemed to have it all planned out, God still sent an angel to him, and asked one thing of Joseph. He asked Joseph to trust Him, to believe that Mary being pregnant was God's plan for them both. He asked Joseph to trust that He would take care of them.

Of course the end of the story is one of the most amazing, and most publicized events in the world today. A story where Joseph not only finds himself trusting God by staying with Mary, but trusting Him when Jesus was born in a stall... in a lowly manger; and even trusting God with the life of his family as they fled to Egypt.

Sometimes things happen, and no matter what we do they only seem to get worse. Just like Joseph, we face one thing after the other... And just like Joseph God asks us one thing... To Trust Him.

He asks us to believe that He will take care of us, and that He will provide for us... that no matter how "weird" or hard things get, He has a plan for us. And if we trust Him, just like Joseph, He will lead us to glory. (Psalm 138:8).

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Matthew 1:19
[19] Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.

Psalms 138:8
[8] The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

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