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Be Patient with Him???


Everyday we run into people who are different than us; they come from different backgrounds, they have different beliefs, talents, and even slower or faster learning abilities. Some are not as understanding as we are, or are more focused on themselves rather than others.

Because of our nature, usually these slower, weaker or different people test our patience. We don't get frustrated at them intentionally, but just naturally, and sometimes we let our frustrations get the better of us. Sometimes we express our frusturation at them in ways that do not glorify God. We yell at them and say mean things, or just brush them off with an uncaring attitude. Rather than being patient, we want things to go our own way. We don't have time to deal with them... Just because we feel that they are inferior or not as important.

God commands us to be patient with one another, bearing in love with those who are weaker than us, those who are ignorant, or simply different from us. We need to learn to bear with faults and failures of others, different personalities and abilities. By being impatient, we are not reflecting Christ through us, and by being ungentle, we can hurt those that God cares just as much about.

Are you patient? How do you treat people that are different from you? Are you someone who people look at and see God's love shining through? Today, I challenge you to take a deep look, and then pull aside that certain someone who drives you crazy, and share God's love with them.

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