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Fitting in


Today, many Christians are afraid to do the right thing, or to speak up when their friends do something they shouldn't. Teenagers shop lift or tease others because they are told it is "Cool," and if they don't they will be "mocked" for being a goody-two-shoes. People do things because they want to fit in.

Just like Herod, who was afraid of what his people would think. He did not worry as much about whether it was right or wrong, but instead of pleasing other people. John the Baptist did the exact opposite! He stood up to the King, and told him, EVEN YOU KING, You are breaking God's laws! He told Herod, a man who was not used to being corrected that he was acting as a criminal.

John corrected Herod, knowing that Herod would imprison him, and probably worse. And yet the fear of being beaten, imprisoned, or even killed did not stop John. How powerful is Gods word that a "lowly man" such as John would not be afraid of retribution, while the very Great King he spoke against was worried about what his people would think of him.

John knew that a Christians power does not come from man, but from God. Just as Herod knew that his power did not come from God, but from men. John knew that there was nothing that Herod could do to him that would separate him from God, but rather that by standing up for what was right, he was serving God.

My question today is, Why are Christians afraid of what people will think about us? Why are we more concerned with "fitting in" than we are with serving God, and sharing his truth with others? Why do we forget that God has more power than all men combined?

So today maybe we should try to do what is right, even if our friends might laugh at us... After all, I would rather fit in with God.

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