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Test Everything


Today there are a lot of ideas about what is Good, and what isn't. And with the internet, there have been a lot of widely spread philosophies regarding how Christians should live. These ideas range from what is a "sin," to should Christian men have beards... And all of these ideas seem to have a pretty valid point.

Just recently I came across a website where pre-marital sex, swinging, and even polygamy were encouraged. In fact, members were not only told it was ok to do these things, they were told that God wants them to practice these activities. They claim that Abstinence until Marriage or Monogamous (1 spouse) relationships were not Biblical practices, but rather Fundamental Christian Traditions. And least but not last, they provided a few Bible verses to back up what they were saying.

Yes, at first glance it appeared that we "Traditional" Christians had it all wrong. We were simply"duped" by traditional, non-Biblical ideas and philosophies. At first glance, it appeared that we could do whatever we pleased, and fulfill our wildest fantasies.

However, as I personally investigated this group's claims, I soon realized that everything they claimed was faulty. In fact, some of the information they presented was done so to deliberately mislead the reader. Verses were taken out of context, and placed in such a way as to warp their original meaning. Old Testament verses were used, without referencing the correlating New Testament verses (for example, they completely ignore all the teachings of Jesus).

This group was not trying to "free" Christians from traditional, non-Biblical ideas, but rather they were trying to justify their life style... Justify their sins, and their "Worldly" wants and desires.

This is exactly what Paul is saying to avoid. He tells us to "test everything," and make sure it is Biblical and true BEFORE joining these practices. He warns us not to accept something because we want to, or because it makes us feel better about ourselves; but rather to make sure it is what God wants, and what God has taught us.

He tells us to hang onto what is true, and what is holy... and to avoid those practices which are not. He tells us not to conform to our standards, but to conform to God's standards.


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