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The Greatest Gift


Imagine you had committed a terrible crime, something unspeakable. The judge has ordered you to be punished as severely as possible...

First they would beat you, then they would take you out into public to mock you in front of everyone. After your public humiliation, they tied you up and whipped you, not with a whip like they have today, but with a whip that contained metal beads designed to bruise, and shards designed to rip your skin. Here they would whip you just to the breaking point, before humiliating you again, and then finally killing you in one of the most torturous ways known to man; crucifiction.

And right before your punishment is to be carried out, the judge asks if anyone has anything to say on your behalf. Up stands a man, a very honorable man. This man was called a "miracle worker," because he had the strange ability to heal the sick. He was called a "counselor," because he was able to heal a person's pain and anguish, he was called a "teacher," because he brought great insight to all of his students. This innocent man, one who offered the world so much more than you ever could asks to speak.

He says, "Your honor, I would like to take his place." Startled, the Judge grants him his request, and you watch as this man receives the punishment that was saved for you. The punishment that was saved for your sins.

Jesus put everything on the line for you, he voluntarily took your place, and took your punishment so that you may have eternal life with God. He took your place, to free you from your sins.

Jesus has given you the greatest gift imaginable... what are you giving him in return?

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