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Don't Blink!


Today is the 6th year anniversary of the September 11th World Trade Center attacks. A day that most of us will remember for the rest of our lives, a day full of tragedy. It was in this single day that 2,993 people were taken from us without warning. A day where mothers, and fathers, and sons, and daughters were simply gone.

The people we know, and the people we love (especially family members) are the people we often take for granted. We can brush them off one day, or go to bed angry from an argument without worrying, because we know we'll see them the very next day. But that's the funny thing about life, there are no guarantees, and there isn't always a next day.

Maybe you have gone to a movie with a friend, and the movie is suppose to be a fast paced award winner. Your friend turns to you and says, "This movie is great... just don't blink or you'll miss some of the action." Or maybe you have gone to a magic show, where the magician seems to pull flowers out of thin air. He announces to the crowd, "The next trick is a speed trick, and it's going to happen very fast, so no matter what you do... do not blink!"

Why can't we blink? Because if we blink we will miss something, perhaps something wonderful and amazing. Maybe we will miss the key part of the movie, or maybe we look at our cell phone and wham! The next thing we know is the crowd is cheering and we have no idea why.

Yet, we blink everyday at the most spectacular, and wonderful show of all... our lives. Every time you separate yourself from your loved ones, every time you wait until tomorrow, every time you are possibly missing one of the best moments in your life.

Today I challenge you to do something special for your family and your friends. Give an old friend a call... bring flowers home to your wife... do something special, and don't blink!

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