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Be a "Shrek" like Christian


There are some people in this world you don't mess with, you know, the people who smash cars with their foreheads. The people who offer a hand, and then push your car 10 miles to the gas station because you ran out of gas. The people who rip phone books in half... Yeah, they are just some people you don't want to make angry.

Even criminals have great respect for these men; at first they struggle and try to throw officers off balance... but as soon as "Shrek" comes they are as good as can be. Nobody wants to get on their bad side, because they know there is no way they can win. No one wants to try to defeat them, because they know that this strong man will not fall.

And just like there are Strong men in this world, there are also Strong Christians... Christians who have built a solid foundation on Christ, and can withstand the elements of this world. Christians who have built their lives on a rock of faith, a rock that cannot be moved.

These Christians, like-wise have gained the respect of their peers, because they know that they are true. They don't just say that they live the Christian life, they LIVE the Christian life.

You can tell who these Strong Christians are, because as soon as they enter the room, the atmosphere changes. A rowdy group quiets down, and the cussing stops. And they don't stop telling each other dirty jokes because they are afraid of these "Strong Christians," but they stop because the Christian has made an impact on their lives. They stop, because they respect this Strong Christian.

They respect this person who lives a TRUE life, this person who stands up for what is right, this person who leads by example. They respect this person, who no matter what the current situation, is praising the Lord for every second that they have. This person, who no matter how bad things get, is able to stay Strong and make it through all the trials.

So what about you, are you a "Shrek" like Christian? Are you someone that people respect because they can see your Spiritual Strength? Are you someone, who like body-builders, works on maintaining your strength, and works on getting stronger? Today ask yourself, what can I do to become a stronger Christian? What can I do to serve God better?

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